It seems people have discovered this Wiki. Or rather, Veztryn did a few months ago... and now I showed it to everyone. Shit. This was supposed to be a secret project between me and Stall... Hey guys. I'm back in black. Not really. That wasn't meant to be racist. It's 22 February 2010, and I hope everybody is having a nice new year so far. I'm going to try and get back to editing this, with details coming up on the roleplays that have gone by and are active, (Yes, this means everybody's favourite, or rather my favourite, Newbies) and more in the user bios including page views. And yes - I'm going to make a special troll page. This means you, DNH =D Also - "August 1 2009", or something, in the user bios, will now be written as "1 August 2009". Why? Because I like it better that way. Bye.

Welcome to DATA WIKIA  ----- NOT YET COMPLETED!!! is a Naruto forum established in September of 2008. Since, it has gained many notable members and a tight family, with loads of discussion to go on inside the world of KV.

Take a look inside -- we end improve! lives.

~" DATA WIKIA" is owned by Stallica and Chosen/NightFlare. It ONLY contains things concerning the users of, among other things that will be hosted at a later time. It is for the members of Konoha-Village to bask in their glory and learn more about their fellow persons in KVland. is owned by Raikiri and Tanera.~