Newbies Naruto Roleplay

"Newbies Naruto Roleplay" was a thread posted up by Sheehan on 16 July 2009. It started out with the sole purpose of contributing the effort in making novice roleplayers into better ones. However, it has become the second-most posted-in roleplay thread of the entirety of the forum, and is still quite active. Most active roleplayers on the forum to this day have joined in on it atleast once, with a few exceptions. More than 27 characters have been signed up. It is known for its astounding posts. What started out as a simple plot was then tweaked into an awesome roleplay, with a drive and lots of development, as well as completely altering the canon Naruto universe. Development in characters - and the roleplayers' themselves' skills.

Roleplayers the most well known for actively participating in all parts (every time-skip, with either a single or two character(s)) of Newbies are (in no specific order) - Sheehan/Ken Nara, Cloud Strife/Shirega & Jirega, SukinoIbukai/Sukino Ibukai, Aiko/Aiko Mitzuyamoto, DemonTaco/Sirus Kaguya, & Chosen/Toshi Miyaoko.

It has reached over 1,337 posts and is thus "elite". =P

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